The 3D Gladiators began in 1999 as a loosely-connected group of independent 3D artists, drawing their inspiration from the Original Series of Star Trek. Over time, the group added new members who created non-Trek related work. With their membership and popularity growing, it was time for the Gladiators to establish a home of their own.

In late 2000, 3DGladiators.com was officially established, and hosted a small set of discussion forums. As you can see, things have grown a bit since then.

Several of our members have been recruited to do professional work for film and television productions. Others have published books and had their work featured in magazines. The site has also attraced established professional CG artists and comic illustrators.

Over the last few years, the site has had two owners, added and removed several features, and seen many members come and go. Gladiators sub-groups, such as Colonial Fleets and the Subspace BBS, eventually grew so large that they required their own sites.

But the most important thing about 3D Gladiators is the one thing that has never changed - and that is the respect, creativity, and collaborative spirit that has helped the group survive and evolve into what it is today.

Whether you are an active 3D artist, a writer, or just a member of our forums, you can be sure that you'll enjoy being a member of 3D Gladiators. We've got a lot of history behind us, and a lot more yet to come.

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