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COLONIAL FLEETS, operated by Don Bergren aka Titon, is the premier source for any Battlestar Galactica news and discussion, and our "sister site" on the internet. COLONIAL FLEETS boasts some very active forums, as well as a Gallery and Download center, filled with images and models related to and inspired by Battlestar Galactica.

MILLENNIUM COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGES, owned and operated by Kenny Zaborny, is a colaberation between graphical artists to bring a friendly environment where ideas and knowledge can be exchanged in a judgment free environment. Millennium CGI is a FREE group. As well as the community of artists, the site also showcases works ranging from images to animations created in programs such as 3D Studio Max and Lightwave. If you're looking for help on general things check the Millennium CGI Tutorials. If what you need is not there, just drop a message in the forum. Enjoy!

The LIGHTWAVE GROUP is owned and operated by Bob McKain, aka Cobra. The following description is from their site:

"LWG's original mission was just to convert models and then became one of providing a forum where Lightwaver's could learn, teach and feel at home."

"LWG still has that goal but as with any organization our mission continues to grow and evolve. LWG is more focused on providing a professional environment and experience and providing opportunity for our members to hone their skills and profit from that work. You will see many features with LWG V3 that allow LWG Forum Members those opportunities."

VANISHING POINT, owned by John Hoagland, has a large selection of Poser models available for purchase, as well as a selection of free models. The following description comes from their site:

Vanishing Point is your online source for superior-quality digital sci-fi, real world, and military models at reasonable prices. From robot mechs to a not-so-average car to the Omaha Beach environment, we provide a wide range of products for the hobbyist and professional user. Our models are designed with the motto, "If it a part can move on the real thing, it should move on our model."

PRIMITIVE SCREWHEAD PRODUCTIONS is the personal site of Robert J. Willson, a skilled sketch artist and CG artist. Robert's site features an extensive gallery of his CG work, as well as a selection of sketches which are particularly impressive.

SOLIUM STUDIOS is the personal site of David Kerin, a longtime member of the 3DG forums. David is a very talented modeller and animator. As it turns out, he's also a very good screenwriter. This site serves as his online portfolio.

3D.CONCEPT40.COM is the personal site of Thomas Pemberton, a great CG artist and longtime member of 3D Gladiators. Thomas has included a gallery of his best work, as well as some desktop wallpaper and a few textures for download. This site is worth a visit, and it's updated regularly, so visit often!

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