Posted February 9, 2004


WARRIOR has brought news of a logo contest for Richard Hatch's MerlinQuest Entertainment company. All of you artists and animators out there should click HERE for details as they come in.

- Rick

Posted February 9, 2004



If you're an artist, writer, animator, or even a poet or songwriter, we want you to show off your work here at 3DG. As part of our new mission, we're looking for a few good group projects to work on. If you've got an idea for a short animated film, a graphic novel, or even an animated music video, then stop by the General Discussion forum and let us know about it. Ideal projects are relatively short (just about 5 minutes or so, finished length) and can be done by about 6 people. We welcome any idea - public service announcements, commercials, and short films of any genre.

- Rick

Posted January 1, 2004

Happy New Year, everyone!

As 2003 shuffles off this mortal coil and 2004 rises from its ashes, I'd like to thank a few people for their contributions to 3DG over the last few years:

Of course, my first thank you must go to the former owner of 3DG, Darrell Lawrence (a.k.a. WARRIOR). When Darrell first started the 3DG forums a few years back, the core members had just been put through quite an ordeal, as their old Home-Away-From-Home on the 'Net had been shut down literally overnight. Darrell threw a set of temporary forums up on some webspace just so we could all get together and find out what was going on - the idea of keeping the forums up permanently hadn't really occured to us. As time went on, there were plenty of problems, and several times Darrell would tell me about his concerns and how he was considering shutting the place down, but he always stuck with it. And a few months ago, when he finally decided to step back from 3DG and concentrate on other things, I was honored to take over. Darrell had seen to it that we all had a friendly and creative place to call home - and for that, I think we can all be grateful.

To FABIO - You've been the Wizard of Oz for me, working behind the scenes to fix the forums when I break them and to keep the server online under the worst of circumstances. You may not post much, but you're always there when I need you.

To EBOLII - You're quite a talented artist, but I think your biggest impact on me has been your sense of humor - "The Chickenator" era was particularly amusing. I didn't always understand what the hell you were talking about, but knowing you were around to confuse me was a great comfort.

To PROXIMO (aka Graham Dawson) and MOOVOK - You guys have always been willing to share your ideas and provide constructive criticism, even if I don't always take the advice you give. The fact that you care so much about this place is a testament to the kind of community we've created. Keep those ideas coming - I can use all the help I can get.

To SESS (aka Liza Siminova) - Liza, you're always honest, sometimes brutally so, but it's refreshing to meet someone who says what they feel when they feel it. When I want an honest, objective opinion about anything, art-related or not, I know who I'm going to ask.

To CHRIS B / XmESs (aka Christian Bachmann) - You've never lost sight of the fact that the original purpose of 3DGladiators was to help creative people learn new and better ways to create their art; that we should not just praise the work of the masters, but also encourage and support the efforts of the most raw amateurs, so that one day, they can be masters themselves.

To SEANR, for encouraging everyone to "get a real webhost." :)

To SHUI-HUA, for constantly reminding us that great artwork doesn't have to come from a 3D program.

To COMMODORE-SIRJOHN, for changing your username every two months, ensuring that I always have something to do. :)

To KATANA, for our logo. I hope you don't mind all the unspeakable things I'm going to do it over the next year...

And, finally, to all the past and present members of the 3DG forums - you've made the last few years a real joy, and I hope that I can make the next few years at 3DG more enjoyable for you in return. After all, without you, this place wouldn't be here. Thank you all, and have a happy and peaceful 2004.

- Rick

Posted Dec. 28, 2003

VEKTOR has posted some new W.I.P. images of his NCC-147 Redux project, a forum favorite for some months now. Check out his progress HERE.

Posted Dec. 27, 2003

First off, I hope that everyone has had a great holiday season, and I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year - 2004 is only a few days away, and I hope to make the next year a memorable one for all of you here at 3DG.

Now down to some serious business - the NOVEMBER Artist of the Month Contests! We've only got a couple of entries in the 2-D contest this time, but the 3-D contest looks to be very interesting. Voting is underway, and will end on January 3rd, so be sure to stop by and cast your vote before it's too late!

Click here for the 2-D Voting thread!

Click here for the 3-D Voting thread!

- Rick

Posted Dec. 19, 2003

DENNIS is beginning work on a submarine-inspired space ship. It looks to be an interesting design. You can follow his progress HERE.

And EBOLII, formerly the "Chickenator" has started texturing work on his Valiant-class starship, a relative of the Defiant-class.

Posted Dec. 17, 2003

Our newest member, MAMS, hails from Denmark, the land of Hamlet. And he's brought with him a gem of a 3-D short film called "The Christmas Menu." Check it out HERE.

Here's hoping that none of you have to wrestle with the culinary question of pork or duck this Christmas!

- Rick

Posted Dec. 16, 2003

KENNY_Z has resumed work on his on again, off-again project - a project which might just be the most detailed Akira-class mesh ever attempted. Check out his latest updates HERE.

Now that the site-redesign is nearly complete, I need some good artwork to fill our empty Galleries! Anyone interested in contributing can either send me a Private Message through the forums, or E-MAIL me with a list of links to your images. 2-D and 3-D CGI, as well as paintings, sketches, and photographs are welcome. In addition, any images submitted for the galleries before January 1st will also be eligible for our Best of 2003 Contest.

Thanks in advance for all of your submissions!

- Rick

Posted Dec. 10, 2003

The Artist of the Month section of the site is now complete, and up to date through October, the most recent voted month. Now to start filling those galleries!

- Rick

Posted Dec. 9, 2003


Submissions are now being accepted for the November Artist of the Month contest. All members are welcome to submit their favorite pieces of work from the last month. Check out the submission thread HERE for details.

XFOZZBOUTE is still hard on work on his UEG listening post - a project that is over a year in the making. Check out the latest progress HERE.

KAI is revisiting an old project called the "Blowfly Fighter Ornithopter" - a lovely Jules Verne-esque piece.

And finally, congratulations to Moovok and Proximo, our new 3DG Forum Moderators. They will be assisting me and the Council in maintaining order on the forums in what I hope will be a busy and exciting new year. In addition, you may notice that there are no longer any Moderators listed for the individual forums - the Council and our two Forum Moderators will be executing administration duties in ALL the forums, removing the need for the 27 moderators I previously had assigned, most of whom have not even posted in quite a long time.

That's all for today - more news to follow...

- Rick

Posted Dec. 3, 2003

New Main Page re-design initiated. News page and main graphics are complete. Artist of the Month Page is next on the list, then the Galleries.

This re-design is a long time coming, but I think you'll find that the results will be worth the wait.

- Rick