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Very Vicky White

Very Vicky White
Very Vicky White
3D Format: P4
File size: 4.7 MB
Description: 15 Faces, 3 Major Body Morphs.
Date: May 30, 2005 00:58
Hits: 2688
Downloads: 110
Rating: 4.33 (3 Vote(s))
Added by: Darrell Lawrence
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A poser model that actually *looks* like it has a fake boob job. Go figure.
Sep 03, 2008 11:09  

Join Date: Oct 02, 2004
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VERY Vicky !

Great job ! Thanks for releasing the morphs. Poser Pro 14 now has options that will custom form fit clothing to models. The versatility offers options of older model releases to fit current issue clothing. The character is cool !!!
Dec 15, 2013 16:14 Offline harada357

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