View Full Version : Conversion Request Rules

Darrell Lawrence
December 29th, 2010, 06:39 PM
Ok folks. We know there are many programs out there, and someone may like a mesh, but it is in the wrong format. So here is the deal: We will try to take on conversion requests for you. But there are some ground rules for this.

1. The model must be from our Downloads. We will not take another sites models and do conversions of their meshes. Certainly we know some members at other sites are also members here, but again, the model needs to be in our Downloads already.

2. The format we convert to- The most common cross-format for most programs is OBJ format. This is the preferred format for us to convert to.

3. Not all conversions will be perfect, so when it is done, you may need to do some tweaking within your own program.

4. Having said OBJ format, we also will try to export an MTL file with the OBJ file, for texturing purposes. However, not all programs will read a MTL file, so you may need to re-apply textures yourself.

5. Credits- When using the converted model, not only credits for teh original model maker must be used, but for the converter too. We will include README files with the conversions.

6. After we convert a file, we will add it to the Downloads area.

7. These rules are subject to change.

8. Most importantly, we may not be able to get to the request right away. We are limited in personnel that have the ability to make good conversions, so please be patient. And do not overwhelm us with lots of requests at once.