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Default Re: BABYLON 5 - Artworks by ulimann644

That really takes me back. I got that book from my local library and I'm sure I ended up paying a fine on it for taking it back late. Here's a question. Does anyone remember a magazine that was published in the early 80's called (I think) SCI-Fi modeler?
I know there is a magazine with a similar title now but this was a one off magazine that was published on the back of a big movie release. (It might have been Jedi.) It had paint guides and other modeling information for AMT and Airfix and other model kit companies that produced science fiction models. I did own a copy but was lost in the great attic purge of 1985. (How many models and magazines and whatever have been binned by mothers?) I'm sure that there was a feature on the Airfix Eagle transporter that involved drilling out the grid section and building a box structure to go behind it. I also think that it had a guide for building a Liberator model from scratch.
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