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ATTENTION New Registrants: Read this post

****Attention New Registrants.****

Important information required reading

1.Some freebie e-mail address providers have been banned.
We recommend you use your ISP e-mail address to register,
then ask an Admin to change it afterwards.
After you register, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
Thus, you need to make sure your e-mail address is valid,
and if it is,check your spam/junk mail folders as well.

2. Enter your location ie city/town, Not The Moon or Mars
the world or some fictional location, your membership will
automatically be blocked, after your membership has been
approved you can then change it to one of the location of
your choice.

3. After you are registered, you will need to post at least 5
times before your able to download models.

4. The 3D Gladiators website has a "5 post" rule in affect
before being able to use the Downloads area.
The reasoning is simple:If you go to a friends house,
you are expected to at least speak with your friend before
eating all of their food.
We expect no less. We expect you to be able to post
at least 5 times before downloading our models.
Those posts should be of QUALITY.
IF not, ownership reserves the right to delete non-quality
posts and reset your post count.

5. Please take the time to introduce yourself and take part
in the forum we are looking forward to chatting with you

ADDENDUM: (by eg180 12/29/2012) When you're putting
your location, put your city and state/province/country.
Don't put your house number and street name or anything
like that. That won't help to get you approved for anything.
When we search for your IP Address, the sites that tell us
where you are give us a city and state, not a house number
and street name. Please make this as simple as possible
for all of us. Once you're approved, you can change your
location to anything you want that's not vulgar or offensive
to anyone. Until then, put your city and state/province/country.
Thank you.

Example of what not to put:

123 Lollipop Lane

Example of what to put:

Berlin, Germany
Orlando, FL
Beijing, China

IF you put your number and street name, you will not be approved.

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