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I'm always hearing people say "to make a long story short"...and some of them are really good at doing that. My question is why? If it's a good story, shouldn't we get to hear ALL of it? I feel deprived when I hear a short long story (OMG the oxymorons are loose again-----Oxymoron= a contradictory word pair---such as "Military Intelligence" or "Jumbo Shrimp")

So, to continue, I feel an obligation to rescue and put to use all those precious words that have been abandoned by the short long story tellers.

Fortunately, I have the genious (not,too strong a word),Talent (no, don't have any of that) hmmm--Oh yeah, tendency to turn short stories into long ones and thereby put some of those stray words to good use (yes, I said good, quit heckling me!)

At one time I put this (okay, I'll say it) talent to good use on the internet. This particular site was in a state of the doldrums---hardly anyone posting. So I lent them my expertise and received such stimulating comments as "Huh?" "What was that all about" "What is she talking about" and "I don't know what you're going on about". They mostlly seemed to be particularly fond of the word "about"(?)

Speaking of words, I have a version of Webster's Dictionary that doesn't have any words in it. True. I have looked up several words in it and they just aren't there. I take that back. It has one word in it. That word is "Kindred". I don't know why they chose that word. I suspect this is a "do it yourself" dictionary and that word was put there as a sample to show you how to do it.

(What do you mean, "what's the point"? It's a story. It doesn't have to have a point. Besides, I'm sure there IS a point in here somewhere. You just haven't searched hard enough to find it. LooK! There's one now---At the end of that last sentence. See that little, tiny, round black spot?)

In closing, I would just like to say if any of you were discriminating enough to understand these weighty concepts, we are kindred spirits and I would like to have stumulating conversations with you. You can reach me at the Sunny Brook Sanatarium on the western outskirts of Bedlam.

One more item is worthy of mention ( Hey, put the gun down! You can't just stop a person in the middle of.....................................)
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