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TOS rules!! It's by far the best, with the plastic models, cheap special effects and props that made appearances regularly on any planet. Then there were the costumes. You can put T'Pol in any skin-tight thing you want, but she never looked better than she did in In a Mirror, Darkly Part 2, where she had the blue TOS miniskirt on. Plus, the characters in TOS are timeless.

And, second in the running is TNG. That one was well-thought and had a lot of great episodes. Plus, they didn't turn it into the futuristic soap opera that the other series were. The stories were awesome, the characters were great and the special effects kicked ass.

DS9 and Enterprise tie for third, in my book. While some of the DS9 episodes were dumb, the characters were great. I liked the way Sisko was more of a "hands on" captain than Picard. You could say or do about anything to Picard and he'd still find a peaceful solution. But, if you crossed Sisko, your ass was toast. Plus, the Dominion Wars made up for any bad episodes (like the wedding one with Worf and Jadzia, that was stupid) and the episodes centering around Quark, Rom and Nog were always good for a laugh.

Enterprise was good, I liked the early days of Starfleet. I thought Scott Bakula did a great job playing Archer and Conner Trinneer did a great job playing Trip and John Billingsley was awesome as the doctor. Plus, Anthony Montgomery was cool as the helmsman (can't spell his character's name.) And Jolene Blalock and Linda Park are just hot and were good characters too. Dominic Keating as Reed took a little longer for me to warm up to than any of the other characters, but I don't know why. I liked the job Jolene did playing the Vulcan whose emotions were a little closer to the surface. Plus, they did some great things like explain why the Klingons looked like humans in TOS.

Voyager is the series I'm least familiar with. I only caught parts of it because where I lived then (and now) UPN is a cable station and I don't waste my money on cable. I had the fortune of living a Ft Bragg while Enterprise was on, and UPN is a local station there. Plus, Enterprise is in syndication now, somthing they haven't done with Voyager. I did see a lot of the episodes with the Borg and thought they turned the Borg into wussies. They had 20 cubes going after one ship that's a little larger than a Connie and couldn't take it out/assimilate it. Yet, they decimated 40 ships in TNG and a whole lot in FC. I did like what I got to see of Voyager, as far as the characters and stories, but I didn't get to see enough, so it's last in my book.
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