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Default Re: Free 3D Programs "To which to learn with"

Originally Posted by steerpike View Post
"HAVEN'T BEEN HERE IN A WHILE?" says the site's front page. No; not since 2012... I had to guess my username and password.

I found a program called pcon.planner a few months back -

It's actually a room designer / planner, but I've found it useful as a Sketchup alternative. It reads and writes all but the most recent .SKP files and has more viewing and rendering options than Sketchup. It comes with the YAFRAY and OSPRAY (64-bit only) renderers built-in.

Open/save and import/export options also include .DXF and .OBJ. Newer versions are 64-bit only but they have an older downloads section with the 32-bit versions. It's quite heavy on resources but I think it's worth it.
useful for scifi interiors possibly
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