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Default Re: ISS DAEDALUS by Ulrich Kuehn

Originally Posted by Darrell Lawrence View Post
Pretty nice. Lighting looks a bit off though... the way it's hitting the ship compared to how it's hitting the planet.
Originally Posted by evil_genius_180 View Post
Yeah, it looks like the light hitting the planet is from the front upper right, (from our perspective) whereas the light hitting the ship is from the front upper left. Other than that minor thing, it looks good.
Youre right...
The reason is, that Ive rendered the Backpic seperatly. And by rendering the Ship Ive changed the point of view, that Ive planned to use.
Ive seen it too late, that Ive changed the angle of the whole scene (with lights) an not only the angle of the Model (without lights)... (argh...)

Ill reder the scene new the next days...
I also plan to make the cover for my Fan-Fiction-Episode: "INHERITANCE OF THE EMPIRE - Part II" next time, and I guess both pics are ready to post it next WE...

Did anybody know, where I can find blueprints or orthographic pics of the Kodan-Mothership (The last Starfighter)...??
I have made some screenies from it, but they are not as good as Orthos, and its tricky to see some of the details...

I really like the Kodan-Mothership, and I plan to model it in 2013...

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