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Default New Staff and Site News

Good News........ evil_genius_180 or EG180 is back on the Staff list as Admin.....

While Warrior is away I have tried to keep the site going as best I can and have fallen short of what I wanted to do
this year with some Art Contests and or Modeling contests.

So that is something I have to look at asap

I have also called on an old Staff member to come back into the fold and with his help see if we can some some projects going.

There is a great WIP tread run by tnpir4001 our most prolific story and film maker.

His excellent Star Trek: Retribution is a must view for anyone thinking of making there own film. he has also started a new Star Trek project Star Trek III: Redemption .

Go and check that out and please leave a comment and give as much support and encouragement you can.

Now we will be adding a moderator at some time in the future to help with the site and get some projects going.

That all for now, carry on

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