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Default Re: Disney to buy Lucas Films

Originally Posted by thekingtut View Post
What I'd like to see are three movies that go from the Imperial defeat at Endor, all the way to the liberation of Coruscant, and the reestablishment of the Republic. And I don't think they should use the original actors. They are just too old.
I would like to see that era myself and I think that the plan.

I disagree that they are too old.... and what has age to do with it....

Sir Alec Guinness 62 years old when he played Obi-Wan in the first film.

Mark Hamill is 61
Harrison Ford is 70
Carrie Fisher is 56

how could you not Han Solo and Leia in at least the first of the new movies.... perhaps with some kids and grand kids to boot.

you would have to have Luke Skywalker in the film been the first of the new Jedi etc....

apart from rebuilding the Republic he will have to rebuild the Jedi and face the hurdles of doing it.

The only Star Wars books I have read set after the fall of the Empire are the Timothy Zahn Starwars book. that would be at least from me a good place to work from.

well that my view on it
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