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Cmd. Bremmon
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Default ST: Federation - Prelude Part 2

Here is the continuation of the prototype script for a 3d series we are going to create. Note that "Yorktown" has been changed to "Bonaventure".

Also, since this is essentially simply the Battle of Cheron, it doesn't read as well as the other scripts.

Next up is the first episode of ST: Federation, dealing with the UFP formation, the Bonaventure's assignment as the first experimental "united" fleet vessel and the assignment of new characters, and a mission to deal with a trade blockade of Andor (wishing to join the Federation) by the Axanar-Orion Trade Pact.

[S.S. Bonaventure]

(The S.S. Bonaventure is shown preparing to depart San Francisco shipyards]

Captains Log: Like the Phoenix, humanity managed to emerge from the ashes of the third world war and reach out to the stars. That journey by Zephram Cochrane opened the door for a revitalized human spirit, a new optimism regarding the adventures, which may lie ahead. Space after all really is the final frontier. Then came the Romulans. From the depths of space their armada destroyed three outlying colonies while on a direct course for Earth. Now we prepare to make our last stand outside the Sol system. Will this be the end of humanities incredible Star Trek? I guess it all comes down to the events of the next 48 hours.

Bremmon: Status report?

Povolov: All systems ready Captain.

Chan: Dock master has cleared us for departure.

Bremmon: Clear all moorings. Helm, take us out.

Extra: Aye sir.

(The Yorktown accelerates out of the ship yard.)

Bond: Could you use a hand sir?

Bremmon: I remember that voice..

Bond: I thought I’d tag along to repay old debts.. I’m your new armory officer.

Bremmon: Welcome aboard. Man your station.

Yosman: Fuel consumption report sir.

Bremmon: Thank you, yosman. (he fills out the PADD): Plot course for the fleet. Full impulse.

[United Earth Space Probe Agency HQ]

Secretary-General: Never has so much depended upon so few..

Amanda: Our ships are entering position here (she points at Cheron).

Kinsella: I still believe that our best bet is a defense in the asteroid belt..

Amanda: Too risky. A fleet could slip by and hit Earth.

Kinsella: Or does this have to do with protecting your precious Mars and Belt colonies?

Secretary-General: Enough Kinsella. I don’t want anything to get through. Have we evacuated our outer colonies.

Amanda: That’s in progress…

Kinsella: Admiral Thornson reports the Ticonderoga is in position…

(Pluto’s far off moon passes the camera before revealing the Terran fleet. The S.S. Yorktown approaches and enters formation behind the Ticonderoga.)

Bremmon: Sound General Quarters.

(Klaxons activate)

Chan: Aye sir.. All decks reporting battlestations.

Bond: Turrets now powered up and cleared to engage.

Bremmon: The use of nuclear weapons is authorized.

Bond: So noted. Arming missiles.. both conventional and nuclear.

Chan: The 3rd marine core has signaled from Cheron, the defensive post is operational… satellites armed.

Bremmon: Inform Admiral Halsey that we are moving closer to Cheron in a defensive posture.

Chan: Aye sir.

Bremmon: Helm… execute.

[The S.S. Bonaventure moves closer to Cheron, pulling away from the fleet.]

Extra: Sir… sensor telemetry from USEPA now confirming the presence of the Romulan armada… 30 Aus and closing.

Bremmon: Get me a firing solution as soon as possible.

Bond: Working on it…

Bremmon: Engineering, Polov.

Polov: + Engineering…+

Bremmon: Time to get that deflector shield up and running…

Polov: +Working on it. I’ll get back to you.+

Bond: He sounds busy…

Bremmon: This is the hard part. The waiting game…. Now according to the manual, this ship has class IV Aegis… we should be able to get off a couple early shots. Helm, put us on the other side of Cheron, that the Romulan’s don’t expect a barrage to come from the other direction.

Bond: Helm, take us to course 45.432….

Chan: USEPA telemetry puts the Romulan armada at 12 Aus…. And closing.

Bremmon: Should in visual range.. on screen.

(Far off in the distance, the Romulan fleet is visible.)

Bremmon: Get me a lock on…

Bond: 12 seconds… damn these sensors are good.

Bremmon: Nuclear weapons, wide dispersal… Keep launching for as long as you can. Transmit coordinates to Cheron…

Bond: 5 seconds…

Bremmon: Steady…

Bond: 2 seconds..

Bremmon: Fire.

(The Yorktown opens fire launching nuclear missile after nuclear missle, firing the first shots of the battle of Cheron.)

Bond: Missiles away!

Chan: Cheron… the other Decleration class ships are engaging.

(The Terran fleet and the Cheron batteries join in and begin to open fire. The Romulans begin to accelerate.)

Bond: Here they come!

(The Romulans open fire at the main fleet with nuclear weapons, catching ships too close together.)

Chan: Admiral Halsey is offline sir, EMP..

Bremmon: Order the fleet to disperse!! Now!!

Bond: The Romulan ships are going after the Declaration class vessels in fleet formation. Incoming missiles!

Bremmon: Turrets, open up!

(The Bonaventures’s turrets open fire, defending the ship from incoming blasts and firing at the Romulans.)

Bond: There’s too many incoming weapons!

Bremmon: Take us towards Cheron, now!! 12 kilometers!

Helm: Sir!

Bremmon: You heard the order!

(The Bonaventure accelerates towards the ice world below followed by Romulan cruisers. The turrets manage to knock a couple down, followed by the marine core firing on the incoming crusiers.)

Bond: The Romulan’s are pulling back…

(The Bonaventure levels out as the Romulan ships pull back into fleet formation… only to launch a massive spread of nuclear weapons.)

Bremmon: Engineering, please tell me that deflector shield of yours works….

Povolov: Ready as she’ll ever be.

Bremmon: Activate deflector shield.

(The shield activates. One of the consoles overloads, as the barrage of nuclear weapons impacts against the Terran fleet. The Bonaventure manages to repulse the shock wave. Cheron is blanketed with nuclear detonations.)

Bremmon: Return fire!!!

(The Bonaventure, one of the only relatively undamaged Terran ships lets loose with a barrage of weapons fire.)

Bremmon: Contact Admiral Halsey, tell him to charge damn it!!

Chan: Apparently that was his thoughts exactly…

(The Terran fleet rushes forward into a general melee as all semblance of a fleet action decays.)

Bremmon: Switch to convention missiles.. Fire at will..

Polovov: Engineering to bridge, deflector system overloaded… Sorry but that’s all I could give you!

Bremmon: Very well… Let’s hope it’s enough.

Bond: Sir, four of the larger Romulan craft have broken through, they are on a direct course for Earth!!

Bremmon: Follow them, full impulse! Get me targeting solutions…

(The Bonaventure follows in pursuit of a Romulan task force.)

Bond: Working on it mate…..

Chan: She’s coming about!!

(Two of the Romulan ships alter course and open fire on the Bonaventure…)

Bremmon: Stay on the lead!

Chan: Heavy damage coming in….

Bremmon: Launch a nuclear device! Nail them!!

(As the Bonaventure let’s loose at the lead Romulan ship, blasting apart it’s impulse engine. The incoming Romulan fires though fire off their plasma beam, tearing into the hull of the Bonaventure.)

Chan: Hull breaches reported, deck three and four!

Bremmon: Don’t let the second Romulan ship get away. Turrets to defense, missiles on the lead…

Helm: We are nearing Jupiter… The Romulan vessel is firing on our colonies…

(The Romulan ship opens fire…. Two shots get off before the Bonaventure’s weapons smash into it, throwing it off course.)

Bremmon: Good shooting Mr. Bond. Evasive action, time to worry about ourselves here..

(The Bonaventure concentrates it’s fire power on one of the Romulan vessels, blowing it apart. Unfortunately the second comes around and fires again, tearing into the Bonaventure’s impulse engines.)

Helm: I’m losing control! (his console explodes rendering him unconscious.)

Pololov: Engineering to bridge, fusion reactor knocked off line!!!

Bond: We’ve lost power to weapons.

(The Romulan ship breaks off and heads towards Earth.)

Bond: We’re losing him!

(Bremmon rushes forward and takes the helm): Engineering, full batteries to the impulse engines!

(The Bonaventure begins to accelerate to full impulse)

Bremmon: Range to Romulan vessel?

Bond: 12 kilometers! Another minute and he will be in range of Earth..

Bremmon: We need more power!!

Polov: Engineering to bridge, that’s all I can give you!

(The Bonaventure closes in on the Romulan ship.)

Bond: I’ve got no power to weapons!

Bremmon: Chan, signal Earth, inform them they may have incoming nuclear devices on their hands….

Chan: Aye sir…

Bremmon: Come on, come on… Signal collision!

(The Bonaventure closes in on the Romulan ship close behind.)

Bremmon: All hands brace for impact!!!

(The Bonaventure smashes again the Romulan’s port engine, sending both ships spinning out of control...)

Bremmon: Transfer power to weapons, fire!

(A lone turret opens fire, tearing into the crippled Romulan vessel. It finally explodes.)

Bremmon: Any others?

Bond: Negative sir…

Bremmon: Damage control teams begin repairs… Chan, signal Halsey, inform him that we are temporarily out of the fight…

Chan: Vice Admiral Harcourt is reporting the Romulan’s have been flanked… and sends his thanks.

[United Earth Space Probe Agency HQ]

Amanda: Secretary General, Vice Admiral Harcourt reports the Romulan fleet is pulling out of the Sol sector…

Secretary-General: Thank God…

Amanda: Nothing got through… four Romulan ships did pass through of defensive net, but were intercepted.

Secretary-General: Now… onto phase three…

Amanda: Aye sir. As you know, with Vulcan and Centaurian assistance we pin pointed the origins of the Romulan fleet here (she points to a diagram) 68 light years away. The Centaurians have allowed us access to a subspace booster relay, launched three years ago in that direction.

Kinsella: Are the Centaurians to be trusted?

Amanda: I believe so….

Secretary-General: Very well… Patch me in. I’ll have the UN Council draw up our terms.

Kinsella: We did win this battle. I assume we will ask for a border to be established 42 light years out…

Amanda: I agree, although we may wish to establish a “neutral zone” to make the terms more acceptable.

Secretary-General: We must ensure that such a dreadful tragedy such as this war never happens again.

Amanda: Speaking of which…. The Vulcan and Centaurian ambassadors have brought an idea to our attention…

Coming Soon [ST: Federation]
"Federation" - the first episode of ST: Federation, dealing with the UFP formation, the Bonaventure's assignment as the first experimental "united" fleet vessel and the assignment of new characters, and a mission to deal with a trade blockade of Andor (wishing to join the Federation) by the Axanar-Orion Trade Pact.

"Survivors" - While escorting retreating Romulan ships, the Bonaventure finds survivors on Veta Vulepae. A hospital ship is dispatched, only to be intercepted by Orion ships! Can the Bonaventure retrieve the medical vessel and save the colonists before radiation poising takes it's toll?

"Peacekeepers" - The Bonaventure discovers the ice world of Rigel III locked in a bitter civil war. One side wishes to join the Federation, leading the Bonaventure on a peacekeeping mission in this dangerous climate.

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Well, I finally got to read it and I must say I'm impressed. It's a great way of fleshing out early Trek history... I think I may even be coming around to the idea of early ships too.
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Cmd. Bremmon
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Thanks! = )

The 3d modelling is coming along, although I need all the help I can get with ships, interiors and crew members.

Once that's all done, should be good to go!

Also, I hope you like it enough to come up with your own scripts or models for the series! The more the merrier! = )
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Cmd. Bremmon
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Sorry about that, thought the computer jammed..
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Oky, the multiples are all gone now.

Remember, as long as you go through the "thankyou" message and back in to the thread, your post will have arrived. It just takes a little time for the html to refresh sometimes.

Now say thank you.

[This message has been edited by Proximo (edited 05 April 2001).]
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Cmd. Bremmon
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Thank you! = ) I owe you one!
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