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Versus TV and/or movie franchises compared/versus another of its kind.


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COOL Versus Rules

Greetings, all.

In this forum, discussion/comparison of franchise shows/movies will take place.

When a franchise has more than one aspect to it, ala Star Trek, TNG, DS(, Voyager and Enterprise, treat each one separately.

Try not to have a Versus vs something from the same over-all franchise, though. Meaning no Voyager vs DS9.

When making your argument/case. keep in mind about the time-frame of the show/movie.

Example, Lost in Space was made WAY back when, while Firefly is rather recent. When comparing/versus of those two, keep in mind effects, film grade, etc.

Guess what I am trying to say is: Look for potential, storylines and characters rather than acting of the time, grainy-ness, low budget effects, and so on.

Rules may change, given how the participation pans out.

So... let's have a test run, shall we?
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