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On The Horizon Working on something? With a 2D or 3D app? Is it SF - Fantasy - Real world? Let's see it!
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Old February 15th, 2004, 08:19 PM   #1
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Default Unofficial Star Trek CCG - Customizable Card Game

This was out of sheer boredom.

First. Note that the Title is Italized - this means that there can only be one in play at any time - if any other comes into play it is automatically removed from the game, meaning first come first serve.

Second the LCARS Tab on the right. The color denotes the race in which it is a part of.
Federation = Blue
Klingon = Red
Romulan = Green
Reman = Pink
Dominion = Purple
Borg = Grey
Species 8472 = Yellow - Still unsure about this
Cardassian = Orange

The ST sigil on top of that denotes the maxiumum number of cards of this type you can have in your deck.
Gold = 1
Silver = 3
Copper = 6
Black = 10
None = Unlimited.

Off to the Left of the Image is its cost, the icons are as follows
Silver = Metal
Gold = Latinum
Purple = Prestige
Teal = Research (not yet added to this image)

The middle horizontal bar denotes ship type (Battlecruiser, Destroyer), Class, and any sub-affiliation. This too is not updated in this image. (it now reads "BCH - Regal Class - Lambda Fleet" (BCH = Heavy Battlecruiser)

Below that are the special abilities of the ship. the underlined is the name of the ability. below that indicates the cost, and time you can use it.

To the Right of that are the stats.
Red = Attack
Blue = Defenes
Green = Skill (used during other stuff)
Grey = Size Class (effects combat)

Bottom bar is for credit.

Combat is much like Magic the Gathering. a person declares attackers, the defender declares defenders.
Now this is where it gets odd...you have to roll to see if they hit. its a roll on percentile (meaning d100). base difficulty is 50 (meaning you get over a 50 you hit) but thats where the size class comes in. if the attacking ship is size class IV and the defending ship is class VII. the difficulty becomes 35. if it were reverse it would be 65. the different in size class changes the difficulty in increments of 5.

More cards to be added...

here you go...want your own ship in this game?
Give me a picture of the model to be used on the card
give me its weapon loadout (phasers/disruptors only; heavy weapons are seperate cards)
give me some abilities it has
give me its dedication plaque or a neato quote to put with it
This is preferably from LOST ERA, TNG, and POST-TNG
Please no godships.

And please, tell me what you think.
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General Phoenix
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Sounds rather interesting - and this is from someone who has never played a CCG before.

However, your image is not loading, so I'm itching to see a visual.
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Old February 16th, 2004, 05:28 AM   #3
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The idea is pretty cool, and this from another one who never played a game like that before

graphically it can be improved I think. The info is a bit too cluttered atm and it doesn't look as fancy as it could (no offense).
keep us posted on this
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Old February 16th, 2004, 08:00 AM   #4
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Alrighty, I think i improved the graphics (just a simple Silver Gradient Overlay on the LCARS)
I also added the starfield

Now i just have to figure out how to make the text less cluttered
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