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Default Lovers Meeting Again - IN STAR WARS?!

Hi guys and gals;

This is from the RPG group I am currently trying to get on its' feet. It is a STAR WARS RPG group that takes place some 45 years in the future of ROJ. In this particular piece of writing, I write about a husband and wife reunited for the first time in twenty years. (Other scenes follow) Enjoy!

Int. Phareen Home – Uridia IV

Starring into her beautiful eyes, Bremus felt as if the
galaxy could collapse around him, that there was nothing sweeter than
seeing the eyes of Sadrah again. A light wind tugged at the think
draperies hanging around the windows, allowing the sweet scents of
the garden outside to seep in. Rays of sunlight gave the appearance
of a warm, tender aura glowing from her pale tan dress and olive
colored skin. Small rays of light danced onto his face as her wavy
her bounced and sprang about in the gentle breeze.
They were together again. It had only been their first month together
in over twenty years. Even though they were always husband and wife,
it felt to Bremus like he was dating her again – getting to know this
woman who he was destined to fall in love with. He wondered how he
was able to live twenty long years without Sadrah. She was a ball of
energy, like a radiant child of joy – a bringer of never ending
happiness. Slowly her soft, silky hand slid from her lap and onto his
own hand. He closed his eyes at the touch, swallowing sensations. A
soft breeze gusted at him, allowing him to breath deeply. A smile
etched onto his war-hardened face, like that of an angelic statue
birthing out of stone.

Opening his eyes, his lips locked with that of hers, locking them
into a tight embrace. Adrenaline raged inside of him as if a massive
storm exploded within him; a feeling Bremus last felt over two
decades ago. Since then, no doubt, there have been exciting moments
in those twenty long years, like discovering his son Nareth, but
nothing as powerful as this.

Sadrah Phareen: "It has been far too long," Sadrah muttered coolly.
Her voice was warm with a deep but rich tone. "How was your day?"

Bremus groaned wearily.

Bremus Phareen: "Need I talk about it?"

His eyes slowly shifted to meet her gaze. An expectant look
slid onto her face as she leaned back slightly.

Bremus Phareen: "You still have your touch," Bremus growled with a

She smiled in return.

Bremus Phareen: "Mostly fleet reassignments and military meetings
with ambassadors of the Imperiums' allies and protectorates. There
was news that Nepralen encountered a new alien race."

Sadrahs' thin eyebrow arched quickly with curiosity. Already
the passion was leaving the room. Inside, Bremus growled.

Sadrah Phareen: "Gren Nepralen?"

Her curiosity and memory were one of the things that always
seemed to amaze Bremus. She never would forget and was always curious
to know more.

Bremus Phareen: "Yes, the officer from the Star Destroyer Ravnos
during the Empire days."

Sadrah laughed.

Sadrah Phareen: "I never thought you two would still be serving
together. He seemed more Imperial."

Bremus Phareen: "So I thought. He . ."

On his desk, Bremus' comm. beeped anxiously - it was the
office. Something was going on. Quickly, Bremus rose from the sitting
area and dashed to the desk. He rose out of instinct, not out of
duty. His boots tapped heavily on the tile floor. He snatched the
comm., opening the channel.

Bremus Phareen: "This is Phareen," he said in a strict tone.

Already he was beginning to get a bad feeling. In the
distance, Sadrah rose slowly, allowing her curiosity to take hold.

Voice: "Bremus, this is Triseti. I am calling to let you know that
Chang is still out of action, his condition is critical. However, I
have graver news, my friend," said a voice from the comm.

Bremus stiffened, squeezing the small device firmly between
his fingers. Sadrah placed her hand worriedly on her stomach. Tension
began to absorb the happiness of the house.

Voice: "Emperor Zanith wants you to take over as assistant Lord until
Chang is ready to take action, which may be a matter of days to maybe
weeks. His condition is still fluctuating. Also, the Emperor has
declared that all ships are to be readied for war." Trisetis' voice
paused, allowing the news to sink in. Even the Tertiary Admirals'
tone was grim. "The Sith are preparing more trouble for us. I am
sorry my friend."

Images and emotions waved and crashed inside of him, pushing
Bremus into disengage the comm., cutting off Triseti. A lone tear
streaked down Sadrahs' face as she stood silently behind him.
Quickly, like the soldier he was, Bremus turned to face her.

Sadrah Phareen: "I will ready our bags. I am going with you."

Bremus began to open his mouth. A pair of fingers glided over
his lips, keeping him from speaking.

Sadrah Phareen: "I lost you once to a war. I am not going to lose you

Quietly Bremus nodded in agreement. Sadrah hurried off out of
the room. Her dress glided gracefully behind her as she left. Taking
a few steps forward, Bremus took in the view of the Universal
Building in the distance, which stood greatly behind several other
buildings like the one he lived in. As if they had received word of
the war, the sounds of the birds quickly faded as the last of the two
suns of Uridia slipped behind the Concardia Mountains. Darkness was
going to take grip soon . . .

Int. Crymson Iyces' Quarters – Uridia Two Research Center.

Crimsons' comm. beeped wildly. She had left it in the room
again. Quickly, a cleaning droid hurried to the source of the sounds,
picking up the device and opening the channel.

Droid: "This is CGD-51 at your service," the droid said in courteous

Voice: "This Shoshtek Arbitean, where is Captain Iyce," demanded the
voice of the Samoarian Overlord on the comm.

CGD-51: "She is currently unavailable, shall I take a message?"

A growl rumbled out in response. Shocked at the behavior, the
droid pulled the device slightly away from its' face, analyzing it
for errors with its' photoreceptors. Curiously, the droid shook the
device around for a moment, no doubt checking for any loose parts.

Samoarian Overlord Shoshtek Arbitean: "Inform the Captain that she is
to report to the Wraith at once. There has been a change in plans.
That is all."

A beep followed the accented words of the Samoarian as he cut the channel. A synthesized gasp came from the droid.

CGD-51: "How rude! I cannot believe humanoid behavior sometimes, so
rude and inconsiderate. Certainly not as friendly as a droid."

Without regarding the meaning of the message, the droid
quickly dropped the comm. back into its' place on the table and
scuttled off towards the opposite edge of the room, resuming the
needed cleaning.

I know it is too lovy for Star Wars, but hey, but the funny droid makes up for it. LOL!
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