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Version Tutorial Name Author Comments
9+ Lightwave Basics by Newtek  
5.6 Kier Darby's Better Space Tutorials by Ker Darby Preserved from the Wayback Machine, there are a number of top-notch tutorials from Kier Darby here. Of importance is the Better Space Lighting tutorial.
5.6 Modeller Plug-Ins by Fabio Passaro This is a multi-part tutorial. Links to the next part are at the bottom of each.
5.6 Warp Slingshot Effect by Unknown This tutorial was found on the web, and the originating website no longer exists. The author is unknown. If you know who created this tutorial, please let us know on the forums.
5.6 Slipstream by Ed Giddings  
5.6 Tractor Beam by Ed Giddings  
5.6 Poser to Lightwave by Darrell Lawrence Lightwave 6.0 and above use an entirely different method.
7.5 Surface Patching by Joe Riddle
7.5 Extruding Edges Along a Curve by Joe Riddle
7.5 Lofting in Lightwave 101 by Joe Riddle
7.5 Weight Mapped Procedurals by Steve Primeau Via Newtek. The original web page no longer exists, so it has been re-done here.
7.5 Texture Building by Vance Kovacs and Vera Milosavich Via Newtek. The original web page no longer exists, so it has been re-done here.
7.5 Texturing Corn by Nick Stevens Via Newtek. The original web page no longer exists. The tutorial PDF file is in the zip file.
7.5 SubPatch Modeling Tutorial (Nudity Warning) by Sean Kennedy Basic understanding of building organic and non-organic shapes using sub-patching. Focus is creating characters.

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